Smart AC Automation

  • Fan Control
  • Temperature control
  • AC Mode control
  • Duct AC Feedback
  • Split AC Feedback
  • Compatibility
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Quick Summary

Full AC control with fan control, temperature control, Eco and multimode.

  • Fan Speed: Full control
  • Temperature Control: 100 %
  • Mode control: Full control
  • Operation: Presence detect
  • Duct AC compatible with status feedback
  • Complete control on AC
  • Split AC feedback
  • Fan Control for Mitsubishi AC
Smart AC

A blast of cold air is an absolute treat on a hot day. But it can get expensive to run all summer long without smart air conditioning control. 

Have you ever wondered how to make your air conditioner smart? It may be simpler to get smart home cooling than you think.

What is Smart Air Conditioning Control?

Most traditional AC units are controlled by a panel directly on the air conditioner or by an LCD remote. Physically getting up to turn off your AC unit when it’s finally comfortable can feel like such a chore. And remotes only work at certain distances. This can lead to running your AC far longer than necessary and wasting precious energy.

But, smart air conditioning control makes it possible to manage AC units from anywhere using your phone. Control your air conditioner from your couch, another room, and even when you’re not at home. That means no more wasting energy or coming home to a stuffy room! If you’ve ever wondered how to control your air conditioner efficiently, a smart AC device is the answer. 

Smart AC Units vs Smart AC Controllers

Smart air condition have built-in WiFi technology, so the unit can connect to a smartphone app. This gives users full smart AC control. Users can adjust temperature, fan speed, and turn their AC on and off, right from their phone. Smart AC units have other great features like temperature scheduling, geofencing, and connection with smart assistants like Alexa . If you’ve ever wondered how to control your air conditioner with your phone, a smart WiFi AC unit is an option.    

But, if you already have an air conditioner, no sweat! You can still have the convenience of a smart home air conditioning system without having to purchase a brand new smart AC unit. An external smart AC controller will give you all the same smart control without breaking the bank. 

External smart AC controllers, smart air conditioner remote controllers, and smart thermostats for air conditioners are all different terms for the same thing. These devices pair with your AC to replace your existing LCD remote and use WiFi to control your AC via infrared signals. Essentially, it’s a smart upgrade for LCD remotes that control air conditioners. 

Simply put, smart AC units have built-in smart technology, and smart AC controllers are external devices that make your existing AC units smart. Either way, you get the same smart air conditioning control!

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